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Diebel Cattle Company is a family owned and operated, fifth generation ranching operation involved in beef cattle, wildlife, and hay production. Established in 1893 by one of Victoria's pioneer cattlemen C.T. Beck, the ranch today consists of approximately 15,000 acres of owned and leased land in the Victoria County area. The ranching enterprise is a balance of both improved and native forage species which compliment all classes of livestock and wildlife and is beneficial in many areas of conservation. The primary ranch resources today consist of a commercial cow/calf operation and an intensive stocker cattle program. The goal of the livestock enterprises is to produce moderate, efficient, and productive feeder cattle that meet the demands of today's ever-changing marketplace. Retained ownership and intensive production records enable the ranch to continuously stay informed of genetic, management, and environmental variabilities that enhance desirable carcass traits. The importance of managing all ranch resources for future generations has been the focus, and will continue to be the primary goal of our family's ranching legacy.

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