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Attention Club Calf Producers … Diebel Cattle Company of Victoria, Texas has decided to reduce their herd inventory of club calf cows! This herd has produced major show breed champions, county fair champions, and numerous major show sale animals. The chance to purchase the TOP CUT of this herd is rare, and you want to take this opportunity to come inspect them! This group includes the top 40 head of the herd and average age is 6-7 years old. The breeding on these cows are Charolais cross, Maine Cross, Simi Cross and a few American influenced cows. Their impeccable health program and reproductive success will ensure a top quality set of cows to raise the high-end cattle that are sought after for years to come. These cattle have been raised on the Texas Gulf Coast with the most ridged nutritional and reproductive management. Therefore, they are sure to thrive in avariety of conditions. Sires used in this AI program include Fu Man Chu, Business Done Right, Extra Special, Solid Gold 2, Color Coded, Texas Tea and many others!



This is a reputation group that has consistently produced quality that has sold throughout Texas and the south. These cattle have been managed and raised in the harsh Texas environment and are proven to produce anywhere they go. AI Date: December 6-7, 2018 and cleaned up for 60 days. The cows are due to calve starting

September 14, 2019 for approximately 60 days.

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